Aide-memoire for Python hg clones

(This is because I use mercurial rarely enough and commit to Python even more rarely; so I always forget what incantations I used last time…)

hg clone
hg clone issue1234
cd issue1234

hg up 3.3
hg import --no-commit http://.../fixedit.patch

# Do whatever
# Edit Misc/NEWS

hg commit -m "... (Patch by ...)"
hg up default
hg merge 3.3

# Stuff happens including, probably, Misc/NEWS conflicting
# Copy Misc/NEWS.orig back to Misc/NEWS and re-edit

hg resolve -m Misc/NEWS

# Do whatever

hg commit -m "... (Patch by ...)"

(Watch out for push races if other devs have committed…)

hg push ssh://

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  1. Éric Araujo said,

    Wrote on November 15, 2012 @ 5:31 am

    If I may offer comments:

    1) bugs still get fixed in 3.2

    2) using hg merge to bring changesets from 3.2 to 3.3 and from 3.3 to default is better than applying the patch again.

    Could you check if the devguide could be improved? This aide-memoire may indicate that we’ve made the devguide too big and the summaries are lost.


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