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A long time ago (I don’t remember exactly: years) I subscribed to the Python distutils-sig mailing list. And then I unsubscribed because it was noisy and not terribly fruitful.

Now, chasing down a Windows-related pip issue, I’ve come across it again and discovered that there’s a shed-load of useful work going on there. I had no idea that distribute (a fork of setuptools) & setuptools had [re]merged as of setuptools v0.7, and I’d lost sight of the many PEPs on naming, versioning, distribution formats and the like. I still haven’t worked out which is which, but at least certain of them seem to have reached the stage where they’re the point of reference for other discussions — not discussion points in their own right. There’s an initiative to get pip into the main Python distribution — which I also had no idea about.

I’m especially happy to see Paul Moore holding up the Windows end of things in discussions — thanks, Paul! Despite our both being UK-based [*] and Windows types and long-term Python users, we’ve never actually met AFAIK.

I’ve resubscribed now and I hope to be able to contribute in some small way.

[*] I’m fairly sure — and he did recently make a reference to Gunga Din, which is something I’ve never heard outside this country.

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  1. Paul Moore said,

    Wrote on July 18, 2013 @ 9:27 am

    Yep, UK based (Cheshire). Welcome to the fray - it’ll be nice to have some extra Windows experience around :-)

    There’s a *lot* of good things going on in packaging right now. If you’ve not been involved, check out wheels, which are a massively improved binary distribution format which support installation to virtualenvs as well as to the system Python. The next version of pip, due out in a few days, supports installing from wheels. And setuptools plus the “wheel” project provide support for building them (pip automates the process down to “pip wheel packagename” too so building and using wheels is dead simple).

  2. tim said,

    Wrote on July 18, 2013 @ 10:00 am

    Thanks for the info and encouragement, Paul. Even though I’ve scanned the last couple of months’ archives, I’m lacking a clear perspective on what the key players and decisions are at present. And so, judging by a recent spate of emails, are some of the other contributors ;)

    I’ll keep following and, hopefully, find a point at which I can usefully contribute. By way of experimentation, I’ve cloned Vinay’s “simple_launcher” on BitBucket which is, essentially, doing what the pip wrappers do, to see if I can simulate the update-itself scenario.

    But I’d *really* like to see the PEP397 launcher somehow grow this extra functionality, to avoid duplicating all the parsing and job logic it contains. First things first, though!

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