Planet Python: an unintended trip down Memory Lane

So… you may have noticed some rather antique posts popping up on Planet Python this morning. This is the result of two things: our clearing out the cache to try to address an issue [*]; and the way in which the feed parser tries to pick up the dates from the feeds it’s scanning.

For now, treat it as a unique chance to view the Python blogosphere through the spectacles of yesteryear! The older posts should just drop down as others are updated, but if they don’t we’ll do a little surgery to the config. In any case we’ll try to do some code housekeeping against any future outbreaks of nostalgia.

[*] … and which didn’t fix the problem!

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  1. Kurt McKee said,

    Wrote on March 11, 2016 @ 3:50 pm

    Hey Tim, I’m the maintainer for the feedparser project. If you’re seeing an issue with the date/time parsing (as opposed to, say, a bug in Planet’s sort algorithm or something), would you be willing to report that on GitHub?

    Thanks for your work on Planet Python! I’ve been subscribed to the feed for a long, long time and am grateful for the work that goes into maintaining it. =)

  2. tim said,

    Wrote on March 11, 2016 @ 4:04 pm

    Thanks for reaching out, Kurt. I *think* we’re using a forked/vendored copy of feedparser but there’s definitely room for maintenance!

    I’ll look into the issue later when I have time, but going by my very hurried I don’t think it’s directly down to feedparser.

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