I’m Tim Golden, a journeyman programmer who believes that computers are here as tools, not as toys. Born in 1968, I still consider myself a young man. I was programming before the internet came along, and tend to see online services as sets of data, not as colours on a screen. I earn my bread and butter developing SQL database systems under Windows, but my programming language of choice is Python, and especially Python on Windows.

I am unmarried, but I have five sisters I love tremendously (and, of course, my Dad, my nephew and my recently born niece, named after my mother who died a few years ago). For many years I’ve been involved in youth work, previously in Wandsworth, now in Ealing in West London. I’ve always been a reader and I maintain goodtoread.org reviewing young people’s books from a parent’s perspective.

I’m a practicing Catholic and the technical half of the team behind weekdaymasses.org.uk.

You can email me at mail at timgolden dot me dot uk.

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